Barrier bag vacuum sealed protection

Vacuum Packaging and Barrier Bags: Protecting Cargo

Beau's Crates provides a wide range of services to protect your equipment, including vacuum packaging, vapor barrier bagging and waterproofing. 

Vacuum Packaging & Vapor Barriers Options

      • Vacuum Packing – including Cleanroom Compatible
      • Vacuum Packaging & Vacuum Sealing (MIL-C-131 class I, II & III)
      • Vapor Barrier Packaging
    • Barrier Bag & Desiccant Option- Ensures Protection from ambient moisture
    • Foam Cushioning
    • Tilt & Shock Monitoring Options
    • Anti-static Bubble Wrap
    • Stretch Wrap Options
    • Wooden Crates Using Heat Treated Lumber
    • Built for Storage or Shipment by Land, Ocean or Air
    • Meets ASTM & Industry Standards
    • Option of US Government or Military Specifications